omg The latest Naruto chapter [actually] seems promising?! (in terms of Sakura-related developments and SS) From the snippets I’ve glimpsed on my dashboard….but sleep beckons me now. I’m reading and headcanon-ing first thing tomorrow. That panel with Sakura and Obito is already making me giddy with excitement!!! (I have always ALWAYS wanted Sakura to interact more with the antagonists; perhaps even more so Obito, Madara and ITACHI because Uchihas and Sakura is a very volatile mix brimming with all kinds of potential)


tenten visiting ino in the flower shop and having conversations with her about flowers because despite her rough and tumble appearance/behavior, tenten still enjoys pretty things (and enjoys hearing ino talk forever about flower meanings). ino asking tenten for help because she ”’loses”’ her…


"I love you with all my heart…"