"If we are strong enough in our souls we can rip away the veil and look that naked, terrible beauty right in the face; let God consume us, devour us, unstring our bones. Then spit us out reborn"

The Secret History, Donna Tartt

(artwork by me)


»the eaten heart« by carolyn thompson


“I drink my lukewarm tea, then drop the teacup on the floor. Every so often I drop my teacup like this, on purpose. Their bodies seething with hatred, but without letting that hatred out, sending deep black waves rippling through the air in every direction, the humans begin sweeping up the fragments of my teacup.

“I gaze at the figures on my computer screen, acting as if nothing had happened. The dim red light of the setting sun streams in through the glass of the office’s wide windows. The sunset has expanded until it fills the sky. A raging sunset that occupies the entire sky over Tokyo.

“I begin noting down in my pad the order in which I’ll go collect them.”

Hiromi Kawakami, from “Mogera Wogura,” translated from the Japanese by Michael Emmerich
Art Credit Ian Francis


by Hiromi Kawakami

Tsukiko is in her late 30s and living alone when one night she happens to meet one of her former high school teachers, ‘Sensei’, in a bar. He is at least thirty years her senior, retired and, she presumes, a widower. After this initial encounter, the pair continue to meet occasionally to share food and drink sake, and as the seasons passfrom spring cherry blossom to autumnal mushrooms—Tsukiko and Sensei come to develop a hesitant intimacy which tilts awkwardly and poignantly into love. Perfectly constructed, funny, and moving, Strange Weather in Tokyo is a tale of modern Japan and old-fashioned romance.


“It is a good rule after reading a new book, never to allow yourself another new one till you have read an old one in between.”  ― C.S. Lewis


favorite books  of all time ↝ kamikaze girls by novala takemoto

"I am a lolita. I don’t believe in growing up. No matter how old I get I remain devoted to ruffles and frills"