Image of Joseph Kosuth’s One and Three Chairs, 1965 (on display in various versions around the world). The artwork consists of a chair, a photograph of the chair, and the dictionary definition of ‘chair’.

1931 notebook entry from Ludwig Wittgenstein (Culture and Value 10e):

The limits of language is shown by its being impossible to describe the fact which corresponds to (is the translation of) a sentence, without simply repeating the sentence. (This has to do with the Kantian solution of the problem of philosophy.)

46. the void that cries through you


Never compromise.

The city’s marketplace was beautiful enough to rival Konoha’s, with cobblestoned streets lined with colorful stalls that were manned by enterprising merchants. The citizens were bustling about with purpose, enthusiastically perusing the myriad of goods and services being sold all around them. It was noisy, busy, and the air was practically heavy with the energy of ongoing trade. In fact, the place radiated success, so much so that she would have found it difficult to believe how young it was if she had not known its history.

Had she been anywhere else, Haruno Sakura would have probably loved the city’s busy atmosphere, even thrived in it.

But as it was, all the good cheer, all the signs of progress, only served to dampen her spirits.

It was humbling - if not completely depressing - to walk through the busy streets of Otogakure. And if she had any choice in the matter, she would not have taken the mission handed out by her (traitor of a) former sensei, now the Hokage of her hometown.

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my girl anna sui back in the day

i dream darkness comes into me. it comes and it’s insidious. up my nose, into my ears. i feel poisoned.


ph. lina scheynius for dazed & confused, models liu xu and hyun yi.